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Medical & pharmaceutical product integrity

Human health vulnerability is at an all-time high in South Africa and driving this is pharmaceutical theft, damage and substitution with counterfeits. The cost and quality of human life hinges on product integrity.

Offering peace of mind

Expert & sophisticated logistics service providers in the wholesales & distribution spheres offer management solutions to mitigate these complex problems but at ground level, product packaging, handling & transportation can benefit from the implementation of tamper evident sealing solutions.

The safe movement of temperature sensitive items like organs, specimens and vaccines is vital in offering peace of mind.  Not only is the patient entitled to this non-negotiable, traceable value chain but service providers operating in this space can minimise their liability by proving safe and secure handling and hand-over.


Enterprise asset management (EAM) in a distributed asset network is an onerous task, but without a clear view of what assets you have, what condition they are in, what their optimum performance should be, who is interacting with these assets, what scheduled maintenance should take place and when these assets should be replaced, the business is exposed to imprudent spend and unjustified profit erosion.

We can help

Contact ICS today about doing a risk assessment on the business, executing an AIV (asset identification and verification) process, developing an AMIP (asset management improvement plan) with you, building an asset register based on industry best practice and growing with you to incorporate other EAM services such as facilities management, asset care, training, condition monitoring and consulting.

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