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Customisation Guide

Many of the security seals, bags, labels and tapes can be customised with your brand, a variety of colours, technical differences and more. This is a basic guide of some of the options. If you are interested in a customised product for your business please contact one of our helpful consultants  on +27 11 397 2508/9 or email


Our products can generally be supplied in various colours for codification purposes. If bar-coding is a requirement, items need to be white or pastel shades for the grey laser bar-code to deliver good quality scans. On the label / tape range, colours need to be dark enough to offer sufficient contrast to the security message which appears white when activated.

Tail Thickness

Cable seals can be supplied in varying thicknesses to increase security & barrier to entrance. Common variations are 1.8mm / 2.0 mm / 2.5mm / 3.5mm / 4mm / 5mm. Many plastic seals have a ‘big daddy’ alternative within a range of pre-defined mould designs.


Our disposable bags are available in variable microns for strength & carrying flexibility.

Logo’s and Imagery

Seal embossing should be viewed in the context of practicality not graphic design, aesthetic and brand exactness.

Hot stamp printing will typically only use standard fonts for maximum print clarity and legibility. The print colour is also typically black or white for maximum contrast and specific colour foils really only become viable for large order volumes.

Customers should not anticipate exact pantone colours on the print of security seals, bags & tape which generally have short life spans. Where print is laser, more intricate artwork design can be achieved.

Please enquire which product manufacture will demand an artwork charge / block charge / plate charge or set-up charge.

Bar-coding on translucent seals

A bar-code cannot be successfully scanned on a translucent seal as the background interference will deter this. A white patch is printed on these seals to achieve a solid background which offsets the bar-code with more definition.


Products are packaged to optimise shipping & handling. For custom orders, we are open to discussing what alternate packaging configurations would best suit the customer and will discuss these with our manufacturing partners. Large scale, global factories may not agree to changing packaging standards but we’ll try to accommodate you!

Tail Length

Cable seals have variable length tails as these are cut and assembled to order. Many plastic seals are available as different models, with variable tail lengths according to injection moulding restrictions. Combination seals for utility applications can have varying tail lengths.


Our reusable & high security single use bags and our disposable bags are available in various sizes.

Print Colour

On most of our plastic seals, the popular print format is hot stamp. This still creates the best contrast & legibility and is available in black & white as standard options to contrast primary colours.

Different colour foils are not recommended and are only viable for order quantities of 200 000+ seals.

Bar-coding cannot be achieved with hot stamp technology. Laser printing is the most secure method of printing. It is indelible and enables good quality bar-coding. Laser printing is however only a grey shade which requires light coloured substrates like white or pastel shades.


Bar-coding is a print option available on most of our sealing options. The only restrictions would be flag size, material composition and production configuration to facilitate automated laser print. We can accommodate all formats: code 128, code 39, code ITF with check digits (hidden or visible), 2D (on some options), sequential numbering or from a database.

Number of sequential digits

We have opted for the optimum number of digits with careful consideration to print area size & legibility. This can be increased or decreased with customised orders.

Lead times

Please bear in mind that our high volume import structure involves careful planning to optimise shipping costs and timing must consider international supplier holidays, production queues & factory shutdowns. In general we stipulate 8 -10 weeks but ask a rep for specifics. Beat the clock…order stock. Its quicker and cheaper!

Artwork Approval

No customised order production will commence without a formal artwork authorisation sign-off.


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